Chauffeurs by the Bay - corporate


The $ is crashing, oil prices are going through the roof, the rate of inflation is beginning to rise and you have been called to a meeting to discuss next year’s budget but need more time.

Let Chauffeurs by the Bay be of help.

Save time

We’ll meet you at your office and in a luxurious BMW735Li sedan provide a safe and relaxed transfer to your suburban office. Rather than driving you can spend that valuable extra time doing a little work on your budget or use your mobile phone to discuss with colleagues strategies that may be adopted.

At the end of the successful meeting we can arrange transfers for you and your colleagues to their respective destinations.

Corporate meet and greet

Of course, the next day we will be able to meet the Financial Controller at the airport and be her driver as she attends appointments at the company’s various locations and signs off on the budget. (We’ll also make sure she is on time for her flight out of Melbourne!)


Oh, and for that Annual Conference, relax. We will be able to provide transfers for delegates to and from the Conference Venue enabling you to concentrate on planning the “Golf Day”.

(Don’t worry about the Financial Controller, when she sees the rate we have agreed for the next twelve months, she’ll be delighted.)